Stay at Home

Storm and her four siblings have loved this pandemic.  They’ve had ample walks, plays, and petting sessions.  Storm also spends lots of time flopping in the small amount of grass that we have.  She’s never been able to do that, because she is really high strung and barks at any noise.  Because I’ve been working from home since March 18th, she knows that I’m close and not cleaning or doing anything that could cause me to be out of earshot.  She lays quietly in the grass or sits by me on the floor when I’m using the computer.


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Storm is laying by my feet sighing and sighing.  It’s going to be nice today, so I’ll take her to the Pet Store this morning, but then we all three human folk have lunch with my Uncle.  We can go on the long walk later in the day.

I digress…  I watched, “Kedi” yesterday and it was amazing.  It was a Turkish documentary which featured a fisherman, deli workers, a staff from a coastal restaurant, a man who had suffered mental illness and fed street cats to heal, two jewelry makers, and a shop keeper.  They all had connections to the cats of Istanbul.  These cats had connections with them as well.  There were a few other minor characters in the film who would pet cats or connect with them.

I love my dogs.  They are loyal and loving.  Something from the film, “Kedi” resonated with me about the differences.  They said that cats know that God exists.  Dogs think that that humans are like God.  Cats understand that humans are doing God’s work.


I’ll leave you with Twig meditatively purring


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Dogs at Day Camp: Entry of Obsidian

I’ve been uncharacteristically busy today.  I biked to the Capitol where I had a training and biked back home.  Prior to my training, I took Storm and Wicket to Day Camp, which means that the kitties are roaming free in a very calm house.  For some reason, they’re way quieter than they usually are and are sleeping mostly.

I want to write about Obsidian today.  He just turned 2 last Tuesday and he is the gem of all gems.  I get that people say that about their animals, but he is really pure joy.  He even beeps in a downward rhythm when descending the stairs.  He is like an toddler who realizes that when you express air while bouncing down stairs in the house, you get fun musical accompaniments of your own volition. He loves everyone and everything.  Obsidian lives to be happy.

Obsidian is very close with Zephyr, and then tend to clean and chew each other all the time.  He would play with Twig, but she is the princess of the house who is mostly annoyed by everyone except for the two humans.

Obsidian never really grew much.  He is teeny, tiny with a corkscrew tail. When he is on our bed, I just have to tap my chest and he jumps up to kiss my chin and nose.  I love him and am so lucky to spend many days at home with him this summer.



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Storm and Zephyr’s Best Friend

By the time Monday rolled around, we all needed to be up in the hills, so we went snowshoeing.  I found out that Wicket’s harness is now too small, so I’ll need to get her a new one next week, but that was discovered through another set of circumstances that I can get to later.  Anyway, although it was cold–41–it felt like it was 90 in comparison to the negative 5 on the weekend so we got up to the hills before noon.

Trailhead Meyer Ranch.jpg

Getting all the gear ready and using the restroom before the snowshoe begins

Storm does this intense sniffing thing when she is in a new area.  About 2-minutes after I snapped this picture, she wiggled out of her harness trying to smell a dog coming back down from a hike with his owner.  I am so lucky that she came back when I called her.  She really has changed and gotten way more obedient.  I was with her on Christmas Day four-years ago and wasn’t so lucky:

Christmas 2012.jpeg

A bit after this picture was taken on Christmas Day in 2012, I let her off-leash for about an hour of being scared…  At that point, she would not come when called.

I lost her for a long time, and my almost 7-year-old would have definitely had his heart broken had I not finally found her.  I never really wrote about the details, but she was very lost and I was terrified.  One, she has calmed substantially, and two, I’m very glad that I paid for a professional dog trainer to do one-on-one mentoring of me working with her. I’m so glad that she has learned what she needs to so she can be completely bonded with me.

She is a good girl.  Her sister, Wicket, pulls like crazy although she is all of 10-11 lbs.  I know that it’s weird to ballpark a weight for a dog, but Wicket is food obsessed.  I mean it when I write OBSESSED too.  One time she drank the rancid vegetable oil from my mother-in-law’s tray under her bee hive which keeps wasps out.  Afterward, Wicket salad shootered oil out her butt for days.  That was a treat to clean up!

So, Wicket, pulls and she eats.  That is all.  Here she is on the trail with Storm on Monday:


Storm and Wicket

So, I found out on Wednesday night that Wicket’s harness gives her abrasions.  It must be a bit too small now given her proclivity toward pulling as hard as she can like a crazed rocking horse.  I’m going to find a softer one.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I had to take Wicket to the Vet at night because she wouldn’t move.  The Vet doing the intake asked about the abrasions.  She thought that maybe Wicket was being attacked by Zephyr.  Wicket pushes everyone around and would never allow herself to be attacked.  I had seen Wicket eating some of Zephyr’s poop covered in kitty litter on Wednesday afternoon, but I thought that I’d gotten it mostly away from her.  She was lethargic and bed bound by evening.  I had her in the Emergency Department of the Vet until past ten.  She’s still not on her A-game, but seems better.

Poor Storm!  Her sister has GI issues and her brother doesn’t understand why she is fascinated by him.  I think that she is one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet.

This is Storm’s brother.  She would like to keep him.  Storm must learn that cute cannot be consumed:

Zephyr has two switches.  This one is

Zephyr has two switches. This one is “off.”

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Cabin Fever

Poor Storm! She can’t understand why we push and throw snow off our driveway and sidewalks, but we don’t want to throw her ball. The high was 2 on Saturday. It was 67 when we walked her and Wicket on Thursday. Crazy Colorado weather, but it is really good that we have some snowpack right now… If it snows again in the next two-weeks, we will only be slightly under average for our mountain range.

Disembowled Alligator.jpg

I’m lookin’ for a dolly that’ll see me right

We had bought her a quadruple stitched alligator last March. She finally disemboweled it last weekend. At least this toy lasted 8-months. Some of the ones that we buy at discount stores are disposable. She simply has to carry things in her mouth to cope, but tends toward playing a little rough. Storm in many ways is her own worse enemy.

On Saturday, I just did the minimum that I had to do. Meaning that I took my son to a birthday party and we went to basketball game. I wanted to save $17 though, so I parked across from the University–far from the venue. Walking those blocks was very cold. I’m sure it was under a half-mile, but when we were walking back from a Nuggets victory, it was -5.

Storm and Wicket lucked out on Saturday though… A young male husky, who I believe is neutered, jumped our fence and played with them both until our neighborhood real estate agent came to get him. He told me that he followed his tracks. There is a red, large husky who is probably intact that smells and pees. He doesn’t play when he comes to visit. Storm hits him (Boxes him really.) in the back when he jumps into our backyard and he ignores her. But, Loki, the realtor’s dog, was a gem and played with Wicket and Storm. Which is a good thing because we didn’t walk them on Saturday:


Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Get a little action in.

This morning, Storm touched noses with the kitten, Zephyr. She also snuck into the basement and smelled Twig’s back. She wants to like the cats. She desperately wants them to be her friends, but she doesn’t have boundaries. I keep thinking of Janeane Garafalo who says, “You can love your pets… You just can’t love your pets.” Someone needs to tell Storm that she can love the cats, she just can’t love the cats. I have hope for Storm and Zephyr. Quite a bit less for Twig and Storm. We call Twig the soft princess and she is super sweet with people, but does not love anyone else. She looks at Wicket like she is disgusting, actively HATES Storm, and gets mad with Zephyr when he wants to play with her.

I’m going to go to the pet store today. I actually ran out of Storm’s food and she had to eat a half cup of Wicket’s. She only had a cup left. I’m sure that they are like, “What the hell?!? Where is our food, lady?” They only have 45-minutes left to wait now though. I’m going to hike and snowshoe with Storm and Wicket after I get them fed and such. I have some plans this week and plan to lay completely low all next week. Vacation is a good thing. We’ll all do our best to address cabin fever.

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Not really the pack leader

Storm has been pretty good lately.  I think that part of it was because of the four dogs–yes–that we took care of the 23rd through January third for the holidays.  We had a boxer-lab with us who I adore in addition to one INSANE lab, an elderly lab, and a shih tzu that my son and I call, “Little Miss.”  What I mean by INSANE is that he ate and barfed up a sock last Thanksgiving.  That’s dedication.  He looks like Flakor the Luckdragon, but has a hard personality.

Anyway, digressions.  Storm kinda mellowed out.  I had a long vacation and would walk her with the best dog in the world (Boxer-Lab), and she didn’t charge the door or whine at night.  She has stayed in a good frame of mind too.  I think that she gets confused, because she is submissive on the whole, and loved being part of a 6-pack of dogs.  Now, we’re making sure that she is playing and walking, and she seems better.  Happy New Year!

Wicket and Storm 1.9.16

Wicket and Storm keep me company while I write


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Storm has been particularly difficult lately.  In November, we had some really heavy rains, and when my son was going out the door to leave for practice, she ran out.  I didn’t want to be late for his practice, so I just drove over to it–about 15-minutes away–and then came home to get her.  She had dug up some of the rocks under our juniper bushes, so she was anxious during the half-hour.

The bad thing is that when she was keyed up, she also barked at a neighbor who was getting out of her car.  She is very sweet, but looks mean.  On the Saturday of that week, the neighbor came over and told us about it.  She was very upset, and my partner wanted us to get rid of her.

Storm has a heavy prey drive.  She can’t turn it off.  Since our county eradicated most of the foxes in this area where we live, the bunnies have been overpopulated.  There are times when Storm will pull your arm out of socket to chase them.  She also tends toward running out the door at times to chase one.  She got out again a week or so later when my son and I were biking with one of his best friends and his sister and leaving the house. The boys got her back pretty quickly, but it’s stressful.

I hired a renowned dog trainer, who worked with us for two-hours.  She’s doing better on the whole, but after we dog sat over Thanksgiving, she decided that she wouldn’t sleep in her den two nights after the dog left.  I don’t love that she sleeps on my son’s bottom bunk, but there is not much that I can do about it, because her whining is too much.

The last thing that I’ve done is bought a diffuser with phermones in it.  Since then, she has only gotten out once, and it was because she didn’t like that I was shoveling outside for a couple of hours.  My son was helping, very little, but was outside with me anyway, and when he went inside to get his snowboarding goggles, he let her out.  He got her back within five minutes.

I know that she has a lot of trauma triggers.  I even know her history.  But, she is not the easiest dog.  I love her a ton, and really hope that we can do some heavy bonding this summer.  I actually have ample time off this year, so we can work together.

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Mystery Wound

I’m still pretty jet lagged.  I worked a half-day yesterday and will work one today as well, and then I fly out for a training at a university in the midwest.  Our trip to the big island was incredible, and I’ll write about it soon, but don’t have time or energy today.

I had taken our runt terrier to her first vet appointment yesterday, and while I was running an errand before bringing her home, I had some frantic texts from my partner.  She told me that Storm had a gash, but when I finally looked at it after going back to the vet–this time via the emergency department–it seemed more of a gaping wound on her rear right leg.  It made me really sad.

We still have no idea what happened.  She did let herself out on Sunday evening for a bunny chase, so it is possible that she got hung up in a fence.  She’s not herself today, and not at all vocal.  She is rather Chewbacca most of the time, and tends toward stamping her feet by the french doors at squirrels, birds, and bunnies that may have found their way into our garden.  Seeing her this sedate is really sad.

I want to plug Alameda East Veterinary Care in this post.  They are amazing.  She had torn away some skin and the vet did an amazing job stitching her up.  She also explained all of the post operative care to a t.  Poor Storm!  I hope that she will be ok while I’m out of town for four-days.  I’m sure that my son and partner will give her some extras.

So heartbreaking!

So heartbreaking!

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Like an old man

I used to get really annoyed when people would personify their pets, but then I noticed that when you have one who interacts with your family daily, they pick up some behaviors that are a lot like yours.  Storm has taken to sitting on our back porch like an old man who is watching the rain.  We have done some yard work lately, and need to replace our wheelbarrow tire, so please excuse the messy background.



We have had some hard times with Storm.  She has decided that she doesn’t sleep on her spot (bed) at night.  I didn’t grow up with a dog.  In fact, I have never lived with one day-to-day, and so sleeping in our bed was NOT an option.  Our son melted down when we told him that we were going to adopt her to someone who knows her.  The compromise was buying another bed, which she sleeps on in his room.  We kept her.  I think that she thinks of herself as one who lounges when she isn’t not impersonating a gazelle.

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An Award!

I wrote an entry entitled “Loyalty” on the twelfth of June last summer which was about when I thought that I had actually lost my son, and Storm, our dog, helped me hunt for him around the creek near our house.  I received an award for it!

Thank you God[isms]!

Thank you God[isms]!

I want to thank very much my nominator who is a mother of two children who writes about various topics.  Her blog is unique and has lots of inspiring pictures within it as well.  Check it out:  This award reminds us that we as humans are united.

When you accept the Love and Kindness Award, you’re first to think of a blogger who has inspired you.  Having blogged since 2008, I have followed quite a few who have since left blogging either by abandoning their sites or no longer updating them.  However, anytime Angela C. Bartlett posts, I read it.  I have read her for over two-years.  Her voice is authentic.  Her topics are honest, open, sometimes funny, and always genuine.  She writes with other authors on  She has been inspirational for me.

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Love and Kindness Award:

Thank you again God[isms].  I appreciate your reading about Storm and nominating my post.


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