I have said that I have another blog that is incognito, and I had thought about adding this entry to it, but I think that I will reproduce the story here instead because it is mostly about Storm.  Under the former username, I read a interesting blog at intervals about living without religion (which is not something that I do) and human differences.  The author had recently posted how dogs have altruism that we may not, and they will save humans who are not “theirs.”  We all know about pack with respect to dogs.

I was tired yesterday.  I had gotten some bad news at work and then the painting that a colleague was helping me patch, did not go right because I had paint that had actually oxidized and turned into what seemed to be play dough.  The other can had simply dried out, so she patched the red and we will paint again today.  We need both the bright white and the egg shell, which I’ll buy.

Although my son should have been just as tired given that he was at Day Camp and then baseball practice, he still lead us both on the walk alongside the water on the trail that we live by.  We came a mile through the trees over boulders and such, and then I said, “Let’s take the trail back.”  Of course, being seven, my son flatly refused.  So, I did what I normally do and that is tell him, “OK, just stay in step with us where I can see you, and of course hear you, when you are lower or behind trees.”

Within about two-minutes, my son was gone.  I began screaming his name.  When this activity waned on and five-minutes had elapsed, I let her off leash because I couldn’t run and scream with her basically attached to four-feet from me.  Now we were told that Storm was a Boxer and German Shepherd and we believed that for the first 8-months that we had her, but now we know that she is also Greyhound.  Always the fastest dog at the park, and will run far away with her lanky back legs and small waist, we know that the Shepherd in her was mixed.  But, she didn’t run.  She would run the creek bed and then would come check on me.  She would sniff the bushes and then come back to me.

I didn’t find my son for fifteen-minutes, and, in fact, it was not me who but a female jogger and her dog.  I wept and foamed, and he asked me what was wrong.  I couldn’t even pet my dog, who had not left my side, back on leash.  Yesterday was not good at all, and was not limited to this experience, but I found out Storm’s nature.

I know that it's summer, but if I can't have my boy, I need more walks.  Look at my desperation.

I know that it’s summer, but if I can’t have my boy, I need more walks. Look at my desperation.


About rachelmich17

I'm 42, and doing much better to keep my life in balance. I will probably be raising an only child--my son--so as a result of various experiences over the last four years, I have decided to adopt a dog. My son, who has been asking for a little sister or a dog for years made her adoption easier, so I will try to pretend that we know what do do with Storm. I don't keep up with her blog too much, but I know that I should write more, because like exercise, it always helps me. We also have Wicket, a chihuahua terrier who runs the house and two cats, Twig and Zephyr. I guess you could say it's an animal house--less the frat lifestyle. I love them and am encouraged to see how they interact and enjoy each other. I completed my doctorate in the fall of 2014 and teach Adjunct at a major university while working the day job. I've also taught three classes on-line, and hope once I'm done working for a grant that I am under that I can become a Professor. I started a new position as a trainer / coach for adults who work with school aged kids. I train in suicide intervention, crisis skills, trauma informed practices at school and in mental health, and mentoring. I have also begun to conduct local and nationwide consultations with other agencies who work to coordinate improved behavioral health service provision for children and families. I'm grateful to no longer be providing direct services to adolescents. After 15-years, I needed a break. I have another blog that is more personal and is not about my dog. I had one that was similar to this one, but it was much more of a rant, because at the time, I was in endless dating hell. I had a crush for many years on a woman who is now my wife. We have had a long journey to get here. I hope that you enjoy reading some of our day to day stuff. Thank you for reading.
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