Like an old man

I used to get really annoyed when people would personify their pets, but then I noticed that when you have one who interacts with your family daily, they pick up some behaviors that are a lot like yours.  Storm has taken to sitting on our back porch like an old man who is watching the rain.  We have done some yard work lately, and need to replace our wheelbarrow tire, so please excuse the messy background.



We have had some hard times with Storm.  She has decided that she doesn’t sleep on her spot (bed) at night.  I didn’t grow up with a dog.  In fact, I have never lived with one day-to-day, and so sleeping in our bed was NOT an option.  Our son melted down when we told him that we were going to adopt her to someone who knows her.  The compromise was buying another bed, which she sleeps on in his room.  We kept her.  I think that she thinks of herself as one who lounges when she isn’t not impersonating a gazelle.

About rachelmich17

I'm 45, and doing much better to keep my life in balance. I will probably be raising an only child--my son--so as a result of various experiences over the years, I have decided to adopt a dog. My son, who has been asking for a little sister or a dog for years made her adoption easier, so I will try to pretend that we know what do do with Storm. I don't keep up with her blog too much, but I know that I should write more, because like exercise, it always helps me. We also have Wicket, a chihuahua terrier who runs the house and three cats, Twig, Zephyr, and our newest addition Obsidian. I guess you could say it's an animal house--less the frat lifestyle. I love them and am encouraged to see how they interact and enjoy each other. I completed my doctorate in the fall of 2014 and teach Adjunct at two universities while working the day job. I've also taught four classes on-line and have enjoyed five-years of work as a Professor. I used to blog about my personal life, but found that I would rather tell narratives with respect to animals. I hope that you enjoy reading some of our day to day stuff. Writing helps me in more ways than I can count. Thank you for stopping by my site.
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4 Responses to Like an old man

  1. Thomas says:

    Glad you came to that compromise and that you’re starting to see why people attribute human characteristics to their pets!

    • rachelmich17 says:

      Thanks. I didn’t grow up with a dog, and had a favorite cat get killed when I was six. They are amazing loyal and good companions. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. Dogs like to be part of the pack, to imitate and follow the leader. They have their own personalities but they will always want to be treated like they belong. If you sleep in a bed, they want to feel like they belong and are allowed to be in the sleeping spot. Giving them their own spot which seems equal or special helps. Ours get to be in the sleeping spot (bed) until it’s time for everyone to sleep, then they go to their own kennels. The routine is one that they now will do on their own, almost preferring it when they are actually tired and want to sleep undisturbed.

    • rachelmich17 says:

      Thanks. We got Wicket, a terrier chihuahua, and then we moved them together about 4-months later into their own “den.” They both need a pack leader and do best when I’m home. You’re right!

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