Storm is laying by my feet sighing and sighing.  It’s going to be nice today, so I’ll take her to the Pet Store this morning, but then we all three human folk have lunch with my Uncle.  We can go on the long walk later in the day.

I digress…  I watched, “Kedi” yesterday and it was amazing.  It was a Turkish documentary which featured a fisherman, deli workers, a staff from a coastal restaurant, a man who had suffered mental illness and fed street cats to heal, two jewelry makers, and a shop keeper.  They all had connections to the cats of Istanbul.  These cats had connections with them as well.  There were a few other minor characters in the film who would pet cats or connect with them.

I love my dogs.  They are loyal and loving.  Something from the film, “Kedi” resonated with me about the differences.  They said that cats know that God exists.  Dogs think that that humans are like God.  Cats understand that humans are doing God’s work.


I’ll leave you with Twig meditatively purring


About rachelmich17

I'm 45, and doing much better to keep my life in balance. I will probably be raising an only child--my son--so as a result of various experiences over the years, I have decided to adopt a dog. My son, who has been asking for a little sister or a dog for years made her adoption easier, so I will try to pretend that we know what do do with Storm. I don't keep up with her blog too much, but I know that I should write more, because like exercise, it always helps me. We also have Wicket, a chihuahua terrier who runs the house and three cats, Twig, Zephyr, and our newest addition Obsidian. I guess you could say it's an animal house--less the frat lifestyle. I love them and am encouraged to see how they interact and enjoy each other. I completed my doctorate in the fall of 2014 and teach Adjunct at two universities while working the day job. I've also taught four classes on-line and have enjoyed five-years of work as a Professor. I used to blog about my personal life, but found that I would rather tell narratives with respect to animals. I hope that you enjoy reading some of our day to day stuff. Writing helps me in more ways than I can count. Thank you for stopping by my site.
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