I own Storm, but she is really something else.  She was semi-abandoned by a friend of a friend’s sister and we rescued her.  She has wicked anxiety and picks things to be terrified of in the house.  It could be a room, her bed, and for a couple of years it was the dishwasher.  She requires people to be calm all the time, so she is a pretty good thermometer for strengths and needs in our house.  Her sister is Wicket, and because mice snuck into our house last winter, we adopted two cats from the pound.  The gray one, Cherry, was killed.  I still miss her and should probably blog about her to heal.  We have Twig–who jumps our fence while outside, and adopted Zephyr the week before Halloween in 2016, and Obsidian in November of 2017.  It’s a house of rescues.  Thank goodness for the Dyson.  🙂

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