There is a cat in the door

Storm is insane.  I had a roommate for about three-months before she moved in with her partner, and she had a cat.  Storm is well, Storm, so they never met.  Sometimes he would shake the door to the basement’s Rec Room.  So, I’d let Storm down to smell under the door.  That was it.  Well, she has licked the paint bare and believes that the cat is actually living in the door somehow.  It’s like something by Madeline L’Engle.  She drools pools all over the area so that the carpet is damp.  Seriously.  Enjoy:

Storm and the Cat in the Door

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Christmas Pooch

We had a wonderful Christmas together as a family.  Storm “opened” her cow ear very early on Christmas Eve, so she only actually had a squeaky pole type chew toy to open yesterday evening with our family.  She has been bothering my partner and I with it by throwing it into our laps and parading about with it in her mouth, because clearly we should be as excited about it as she.

I love my Santa Hat

I love my Santa Hat

My partner is fiddling.  My son is playing an old game on his Wii with a controller which enables him to play games that my partner and I played as children, and also subsequent generations of games which came out on newer systems afterward.  It still smells of greenery throughout the house and we will go to my parents’ house for a dinner in a couple of hours.  Storm and her hat shall be part of the traditional Christmas dinner.  Merry Christmas to all of you everywhere.

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Dog Friends

I was sitting here waiting for my friend to text, and all of a sudden Storm FREAKED out.  That is so rare now that after I startled, and I don’t have much of a startle reflex, I went to see what was going on because she was whining and her tail was going a million miles a minute.  It was a Scotch Terrier who has a big brother White Boxer mix.  He knocked on our door!  I didn’t see the big brother, but the little terrier was very happy when I let out Storm.  They ran around together.  It was cute.

Storm has an official playdate tonight with her girlfriend.  She loves my friend’s dog and they play like crazy together.  I think that it’s interesting that they tend toward having formal and informal playdates.  Maybe it is getting me ready for the impending teenage stage with my actual child!

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I have said that I have another blog that is incognito, and I had thought about adding this entry to it, but I think that I will reproduce the story here instead because it is mostly about Storm.  Under the former username, I read a interesting blog at intervals about living without religion (which is not something that I do) and human differences.  The author had recently posted how dogs have altruism that we may not, and they will save humans who are not “theirs.”  We all know about pack with respect to dogs.

I was tired yesterday.  I had gotten some bad news at work and then the painting that a colleague was helping me patch, did not go right because I had paint that had actually oxidized and turned into what seemed to be play dough.  The other can had simply dried out, so she patched the red and we will paint again today.  We need both the bright white and the egg shell, which I’ll buy.

Although my son should have been just as tired given that he was at Day Camp and then baseball practice, he still lead us both on the walk alongside the water on the trail that we live by.  We came a mile through the trees over boulders and such, and then I said, “Let’s take the trail back.”  Of course, being seven, my son flatly refused.  So, I did what I normally do and that is tell him, “OK, just stay in step with us where I can see you, and of course hear you, when you are lower or behind trees.”

Within about two-minutes, my son was gone.  I began screaming his name.  When this activity waned on and five-minutes had elapsed, I let her off leash because I couldn’t run and scream with her basically attached to four-feet from me.  Now we were told that Storm was a Boxer and German Shepherd and we believed that for the first 8-months that we had her, but now we know that she is also Greyhound.  Always the fastest dog at the park, and will run far away with her lanky back legs and small waist, we know that the Shepherd in her was mixed.  But, she didn’t run.  She would run the creek bed and then would come check on me.  She would sniff the bushes and then come back to me.

I didn’t find my son for fifteen-minutes, and, in fact, it was not me who but a female jogger and her dog.  I wept and foamed, and he asked me what was wrong.  I couldn’t even pet my dog, who had not left my side, back on leash.  Yesterday was not good at all, and was not limited to this experience, but I found out Storm’s nature.

I know that it's summer, but if I can't have my boy, I need more walks.  Look at my desperation.

I know that it’s summer, but if I can’t have my boy, I need more walks. Look at my desperation.

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After a loooong hiatus

It’s time for me to write about Storm again.  She has really changed a lot too in the last month.  She barks a lot less in general.  Thanks stainless steel pot with lid.  (Honestly, if you rescue a dog, and you want her to stop alerting to you to the fact that, let’s say your neighbors have parked up the street, or that there is a family with a jogger and lab walking in the middle of of the street, you can throw a pan down.  We have one that has no handle, but is a good pot and we leave the lid nesting non-cooking direction, so when we toss it onto our hardwoods when she is barking given no emergency, she stops.)

She also watches me all the time when people knock on the door and rarely jumps on them even when I release her after hand signals for sit and lay down.  This girl who is an acquaintance of mine lent me “The Other End of the Leash,” and the chapter on how visual dogs really are was most salient for me.  A huge shift relating to Storm has been that I don’t talk much to her except when I’m being affectionate and do commands and redirection with hand signals only.

We walked about 4-miles last night down the trails in another area of the city.  My son had his guitar class and a pick-up rehearsal for a number that he barely remembers.  So, I had tons of time.  We had a wonderful walk and she discovered that she loves prairie dogs.  Perhaps they are a distant second to the bunnies that overrun our trail system at home.  She is a good dog though, and has really improved.  I’ll try to post weekly about her again, but do hope that those of you who are inclined will read my sister blog with this username regarding children and their printmaking.  Happy weekend.

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Caring for a special dog

Storm is on a low residue diet, which means that I have to boil chicken and eggs, have rice prepared and also buy cans of pumpkin.  Ground turkey was on sale this week so she also had a cup of that fried.  She seems to be feeling better in general.  Tonight she will be alone for about 5-hours, which does make me a little nervous, but not terribly so.  She is very sweetly sleeping at my feet right now while I wait for the water to boil for her chicken thighs.

I think that she will eventually bark a little less when she hears noises, and I’m grateful that she does not destroy anything that she carries around.   I do plan on getting her pen more situated, because being half Boxer (But in reality, mostly antelope.) she can jump any gate anyway if she wants to.  Eventually she will have a Storm Cave in the garage via doggie door, but for right now, I like having her here with me while I’m on vacation for 10-days more.  I also hope that someday she doesn’t cry when I leave, but acting like “business as usual” as Cesar Milan recommends does really help.

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It is beautiful to watch my son, who was terrified by dogs, do things such as laugh hard and run along next to his dog.  HIS.  What a thing to even write, and even more to realize that he is truly embracing her and learning from her as she is learning from him.  She didn’t even jump at all today, and she is half boxer, with those quintessential boxer ears, and she followed new commands that were easy to teach her without treats.  I think that she is brilliant.

However, she gets very anxious when we leave.  My son had left his dog open, so she moved one of his “babies” into the livingroom and given that her other “half” is shepherd, she left bite marks in it.  There are a lot of pounds of pressure in those jaws.  She is an amazing creature.

The quality of light was gorgeous tonight when we made our walk.  I believe it was about 3-miles total, which is good for our bonding and overall health.  We watched her chase rabbits while I held her and look at sprinklers and the like.  She is really an amazing creature and I think that she will very soon learn to trust.

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